Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Social Insecurity

My mother's able to afford her nice assisted living facility because my father had life insurance which my mother invested wisely, she's as tight-fisted as anyone living or dead, and she worked a series of fairly crappy jobs starting when she was a young mother and contributed to Social Security for over 30 years. Mom has also collected Social Security Disability since she was diagnosed with M.S. in about 1979.

I have also worked a series of crappy (and not so crappy) jobs, starting when I was 16. I get my form from the government every year, telling me what I can expect to collect when I retire.

Now our president is trying to take that net out from under us all. Here's what it could mean (thanks to the fabulous Mighty Ponygirl for the link). My husband does not have life insurance. I am not thrifty like my mother. I've worked over 20 years for nonprofits (translation: I've made only slightly more per year than the average McDonald's assistant manager). I am screwed.

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