Sunday, August 07, 2005

Daughter: Today is a Celebration of You...

That's what's on the front of the birthday card I got from my mom yesterday. Here's the inside:

It's a day for thinking back
on all the ways
you've touched so many lives
with your spirit of giving
and your love of living.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a remarkable daughter.

Since my mom can't see well any more, my sister K picks out all her greeting cards. Mom probably didn't even know what it said when she signed it. There's a chance at least two of my sisters got the very same card on their birthdays this year.

I cried anyhow.


Sandalou said...

Don't be so quick to blow off the compliment. Even if K picked it, she was thinking of you.

the therapeutic writer said...

The card is accurate, even if the giver didn't know it. Celebrate!

And happy birthday :)

just sayin' said...

yup, i'd say your sister/mom/someone loves you. take joy in that.

the therapeutic writer said...

It's September. Don't you think its time to update your blog?

Gosling said...

Thanks for the nudge, Ms. Therapeutic. :) See above. (You and frog are in cahoots, aren't you?)