Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Case Against L, Part IV

I had three interactions with L around the time of my wedding seven years ago this month. She flew out from Michigan for the wedding and to visit family. I saw her first when she came to my apartment the day before the wedding. She asked to see my wedding ring, so I showed her. She asked, "Did you try it on with the engagement ring? A lot of people don't think of that." I told her I'd tried them on together. She had nothing else to say.

L and my other two sisters helped set up for the reception the day of the wedding (for which I was extremely grateful because I was a basket case). During the wedding, I didn't see much of L. I was busy trying to visit with all the guests and dancing. When a polka came on, I went over to ask L to dance with a friend and me since I knew she knows the polka. L turned ugly: "I don't know how to polka!" I tried to cajole her, to cheer her up. She was having none of it. Yelling now, she repeated, "I DON'T KNOW HOW!"

The day after the wedding, my new groom and I hosted a brunch at a nice waterfront restaurant. There were traffic problems getting out to the restaurant as there was road work underway. We didn't know about it before the brunch and neither did our guests. Some of us were late. L was especially late. When she arrived, red-faced and clearly mad as hell, she headed straight for me and yelled, "Thanks for telling me about the construction!"

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Sandalou said...

I'm so sorry OA. But somebody hit it on the head when they said it's not you, it's her. She's truly ill that she could hang onto the baby jealousy that normal people outgrow for all these years.

That 'Life wad good for seven years' comment is practically a cartoon it's so weird. I honestly would figure I had done my best and quite torturing myself. You've earned some peace.