Friday, December 23, 2005

Nice? Or Just Tired?

You Were Nice This Year!

You're an uber-perfect person who is on the top of Santa's list.
You probably didn't even *think* any naughty thoughts this year.
Unless you're a Mormon, you've probably been a little too good.
Is that extra candy cane worth being a sweetheart for 365 days straight?


the therapeutic writer said...

Lies! Lies!

However, I hope Santa put a renewable energy source in you stocking and skipped the coal ;)

Lots of love and joy to you for '06.


thistle said...

I was nice, too, apparently. But given the test, looks like all I had to do to be "nice" was refrain from "making out" with too many people. Had I known that earlier I could have saved myself some trouble :)