Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stuff I've Been Meaning to Tell You

  1. We spent the year-end holidays with Mother, even staying in one of the "guest apartments" in her complex. This gave us an amazing and reassuring view of life inside Assisted Living and before the week was out Mr. Spouse was suggesting we might enjoy spending our retirement there. This from the guy who once compared Mom's facility to prison.
  2. One side effect of living among the elders for an extended period seems to be a shift in fashion sense. At least that's what my sister told me when she caught me checking out the rack of velour "jogging suits" at Dillard's.
  3. I went to Memphis a couple of weeks ago for a conference and there I met some amazing women, one of whom I've known (in an online kind of way) for years. It was a big highlight of an otherwise depressing and infuriating trip. She's not only awesome, she's pregnant. You should go over and congratulate her.
  4. Mr. Spouse was rear-ended last weekend, and our little green car is totaled. I bought this car after an accident I had in 1996. I was hit by a Mack® truck and dragged down I-5 at 55 miles per hour during rush hour, in the rain. I came out of it without a scratch. Mr. Spouse was similarly injury-free after being hit by a drunk driver (at 10AM!) going full speed. Both crashed cars were Subarus. Our new car will also be a Subaru. Gotta love safety.
The accident makes me think we're living under some kind of cloud or something. As in, enough already. First his shoulder injuries and surgery. Then, his being fired (illegally, with much actionable discrimination). Now, this. If bad luck does come in threes, we're good to go. Cross your fingers for us. Please?

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Bomboniera said...

Madonna mia, I'm glad to hear the mister wasn't hurt! But what a crazy shock that must have been.

I'd be interested in hearing more of your thoughts on Memphis. For my part, even the mention of barbecue still turns my stomach. Or perhaps the BabyP just isn't a big fan.