Friday, March 02, 2007

Couple-o' Three Things

1. Dear Bike Rider on Valencia Street: If you are going to ride alongside parked cars, at night, in the rain, having a bike light would be good. Also the wearing of not-black clothes. Calling me the c-word for opening my car door when I couldn't see you? Shows me you have a very unhappy life. You probably always wonder why people treat you so badly. You are unaware of your part in human interactions. (Hint: It's 50% if two of you are involved in the interaction.) Good luck in anger management class. You make me a teeny bit sorry I didn't actually hit you with the car door. Maybe I'll see you in anger management class.

2. Mark Morford can tell you exactly what's been going on at our house. Minus the porn. Good grief. I am in the process of driving every single person I know crazy with my indecision and materialistic ambivalence. Help. Me.

3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROG!!! May it be a year of love, peace and every kind of fulfillment.

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