Saturday, March 03, 2007

Know Your Elders

Very interesting set of quizzes, over at Senior Journal. Sixteen of them, actually. So you might want to save the link for a day when you have some time to kill, because you'll want to take them all. Maybe Monday. At work.

One true-false question in particular jumped out at me: "Most old workers cannot work as effectively as younger workers." This reminds me I haven't provided any updates on the spouse's age and disability discrimination case against his very very bad former employers. It's still pending, though a settlement might be close. He's being offered something far less than what is fair, but he's tired and we're both ready to move on. The latest offer structures the pay-out as wages -- meaning all employee withholding, FICA and etc. will be deducted. This is just another example of the ways these guys screw with him. This employer, by the way, is a nonprofit. In the health care field. We have a question in to his attorney regarding my responsibilities vis a vis the "non-disclosure agreement" the spouse is being asked to sign. If I am not bound by it, watch this space for sordid details! (Maybe I'm kidding. Am I kidding? Not really sure.)

If you think age discrimination on the job can't happen to you, think again. After this happened to the spouse, we heard multiple stories of shocking and blatant discrimination of older workers. As we boomers move into the 60+ category, look for this kind of discrimination to be commonplace. Simply put, younger workers are cheaper. It's all about the bottom line, after all.

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Delany said...

My father is nearing 60 and in the past 2 years has filed 2 EEOC lawsuits against his employer (which is actually the county where he lives), citing discrimination for age and disability and then retaliation. It's had an extremely negative impact on his health and general stress levels. Last I heard, they're in the process of settling, but it's still nailbiting to watch in the meantime.