Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Template! Oops!

I'm not entirely sure I love the new look. Feel free to comment. Also, did you know that when Blogger tells you "Your old template will be completely lost when you click the button below" they actually MEAN it? And that means you'll lose all your LINKS? And you'll have to spend about an hour reassembling them and then doing it all over again because you don't like their placement?? Did you? Well, now you do.

If I forgot to link you and you want to be linked, or if I never linked you before and you've been wondering why, let me know and I'll put you over there on that list.

No Sunday Dinner feature this week. We're going out (after a trip to Costco! WOOHOO!). Dinner will therefore look something like this:

Followed by something with vegetables.


Amanda said...

How did you get that fancy thing next to all of your titles?

Gosling said...

Hi Amanda. The fancy thing actually came with the template. I wanted them to go away and can't make that happen. Glad somebody likes them!

Amanda said...

Weird. I have the same template, but no little things.

Bomboniera said...

I actually really like the new template. I don't see it as often as the old one. It's spring, anyway, you need a new lighter look... says the woman who changes her template and/or header every month or so. ;)