Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Dinner

Since some people refuse to food-blog, I see it's up to me to pick up the slack. Tonight's dinner emphasized the comfort food. (Because I'm having a teensy "procedure" tomorrow, about which you should not worry. Seriously.) There was honey-mustard tempeh (Deborah Madison) and braised collard greens (ditto), together with mashed mixed root vegetables, the idea for which was planted as a seed by the lovely Bomboniera! Weeks ago! Germinating away in my brain until tonight. I used Yukon Gold taters, turnips, celery root and parsnips, with a little garlic and onion for flavor. And of course some non-dairy "milk" and "butter," salt and pepper. So, so delish.

Dessert was this great cake, which is easy-peasy and which makes use of over-ripe bananas. It's vegan, too! You can get the recipe here, but don't be fooled -- that should read "3/4 TEASPOON," not "3/4 CUP," vanilla. And I always use a cup of white and 2/3 cup whole wheat flour. To offset the cup of sugar. Or something. Be sure to serve it warm with a nice cold glass of soy or almond milk. Yum.

I don't claim the label "vegan" because honestly, I haven't earned it. I eat fish once a week, I eat (and love, guiltily) honey, I wear leather. I don't have the patience to research every wine label to see if they are or are not animal-friendly. I am too busy drinking the wine! If a splash of milk makes it into my morning tea, I don't toss it out. I do avoid dairy, however. I stopped eating meat (except for the aforementioned fish) over two years ago and (mostly) quit dairy last summer. I'm down about 20 pounds, my energy and health are amazing, and bonus! The spouse's cholesterol levels are down to a level that finally stopped his family doc from threatening him with meds at his annual check-ups! Woot! Hey. I think he just went into the kitchen for a second piece of that cake...

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Bomboniera said...

Yay! You made it almost exactly the way I did, too. Same veggies. (I've gotten MrP hooked on celeriac, and I know I like it a thousand times better than nasty cooked celery.) I think I might have used real butter. Maybe. I'm a wild woman. Don't try n' stop me.