Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Synchronicity, Man

I found out about a job opening in our hometown, the city we'd love more than anything to return to. It's a management job at the place where I used to work. The money's not bad and I'm certainly qualified to do the work. Knowing this brings up about 10,000 issues, all having to do with the unpredictability of the future. I lost considerable sleep last night ruminating and panicking about the possibility of returning "home."

When I'm faced with big life decisions like this, I like to gather as much data as possible before taking any action. So I called an old friend of mine up yonder. She and I used to work together in the place that has the job opening. We haven't spoken in a long, long time. Definitely over two years. As soon as she heard my voice on the phone she said, "Oh! I just had a dream about you last night!"

These little clues from the universe? A little spooky. Also a little annoying, though I can't say exactly why.


frog said...

Little clues? No.

Big clues.

frog said...

Dear Goosefriend,

It is May. You need to blog again.