Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nothing to See Here

I'm in limbo. I can't make a frickin' decision about anything: Where to live, what job I want, when to make a hair appointment -- none of the important life issues! The "pro/con" exercise doesn't work about where to live, because how can I balance "Be near my best friend" against "Possibly keep earning a living wage"? "Having health insurance" against "Those big-assed evergreens lining the freeway"? See? It just doesn't work.

I was asked to take on a new responsibility at my meditation center. I tried to beg off, saying I'm not sure how much longer I'll even live here. The asker gave me a month to let him know. Not helpful! It's something I think I'd enjoy doing, and it needs doing, but sheesh. Already so many things to consider in making this decision.

I'm just not a very good decider. It's a family trait. I once knew my family to take over two hours to decide where to eat dinner and then they still didn't pick a restaurant -- more like a part of town and "we'll decide once we get there." How did we not starve to death?

I'm thinking of setting up a few sessions with a career counselor. I'm just that stumped. Now how do I decide which one to see??

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Amanda said...

Lots of sympathy from me. I just got over an agonizing period of trying to decide whether to work another year in Korea or go to Hong Kong. It was so frustratingly difficult and I seemed to lose all ability to make even tiny decisions in the meantime.