Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Breaking Up: Hard to Do

I'm not telling my current employer about the job interview or even that I'm thinking of leaving town. I feel that's the best policy, in general. Suppose I end up not getting a job up yonder for a few months? And it drags on. And on... It wouldn't leave me in a particularly good position to negotiate whatever I might want to negotiate. When I tell them I'm leaving them for a better job. When they break down and cry and beg me to stay.

Unfortunately, I'm terrible at keeping secrets. It's possible I'll break down and tell somebody or let something slip at any moment. Stay tuned!

I've calmed down considerably tonight. I'm not exactly sure why. Could be the nice calming herbal tea, the foot rub, yoga class, or maybe I've just worn my brain out. It's exhausting, all the planning and worrying. Exhausting!

I feel I should be studying up on the particulars of this job but doing that makes me anxious. So either I'll suck it up and study, or wing it and hope for the best.

This is so exciting.

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