Saturday, June 09, 2007


It turns out the job up yonder wasn't filled -- they had another position and it was that one they were holding interviews for. I know this because they called me on Thursday to set up an interview. I'm flying up there Thursday for a Friday interview. I'm working at keeping my anxiety under control and not always succeeding. It's a big deal, especially since getting the job would mean a major move. Also, this job is definitely more career-path than my present job, which means I'd have to care about it a lot more. It will require a great deal more of me. Not just in terms of time and focus, but also commitment and energy. I don't have the same energy I did when I worked there in the last century. I was a lot younger then.

This weekend I need to shop for an interview suit. Last time I did that was... Let's see... 1995. What is it the young people are wearing to job interviews nowadays?


Trudi said...

You're going to be great in your interview. You're going to enjoy your weekend up yonder and have a good time with friends. And the right decision will be made and you'll be on the right path, whatever that is.


Amanda said...

Good luck! You will be great.

thistle said...

Good luck!