Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two Months? Surely You Jest

Yes I know it's been a really really long time since I logged on. I apologize if you've been checking here and finding nothing new. I've just been so incredibly busy I can't even describe it without having a little panic mixed with Sudden Onset Sleepiness Syndrome. So here it is by the numbers.

Days here: 75
Workdays shorter than 10 hours: 0 (exclusive of weekends)
Saturdays worked: 4-5
Dinners with friends: 3, maybe 4
Beers with best colleague/friend: 6 (3 different occasions!)
Dinners at the best veg restaurant ever: 2
Hours with inlaws: More than 20 (not consecutive)
Weeks of unpacking it took to unpack it all: Unknown (Check back in a month.)
Spats: 2, both minor and short
Rainy days: Fewer than we expected -- possibly 8-10
Hours spent consulting manual for fancy-schmancy heating system: At least 1
Days in new house before bedroom curtains installed: 78 (I hope)
Weeks with functioning cable hook-up: 0
Calls to cable company: Lost count weeks ago
New interns trained so far: 2
Interns yet to train: 1
Threats to quit by woman who applied for my job: At least 10
Times I missed the old place/old job: 0