Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Just Ask

If you have trouble asking for what you want, please take an assertiveness training class. RIGHT NOW. You do not want to end up like my mother.

I recently asked Mom how her blood pressure is doing. She's had high readings in the past and takes medication for it. She answered: "Great!"

When Mom lived in her own home, alone, she ate a lot of processed food, which is usually very high in sodium. I asked her if she thought the change in diet might have something to do with the improvement in her blood pressure. I asked her if she eats much salt now that she's in assisted living.

"Well, not much, no. The salt shaker is on the other side of the table and I hate to ask them to pass it to me."

While I'm happy her salt intake and blood pressure are down, I'd like it better if she could ask for what she wants. She's 80; she should be able to put a little salt on her food.

None of us should be timid about asking for what we want when we're 80. Ask! If you can't ask, learn to ask! Hurry! You might want some salt when you're 80!

You can start by reading this.

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