Friday, June 22, 2007

Next Chapter

Got the job. Moving up yonder. Stressed, not sleeping through the night. Excited, breathless, filled with dread and apprehension. Imagining the best, imagining the worst. Planning. It's what I do.

I've started breaking the news to people. Some are sad, some are handling it "better" than others, but really, for those who are sad, there's little I can do.

Should I apologize to them for following my heart?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Adrenaline Withdrawal

Back from up yonder. The interview went well, I think. I was interviewed by four incredibly strong women and managed to give good answers (I think!), on about five hours of sleep. I visited many friends and hardly remembered to breathe. I'm exhausted.

They asked me about my availability for training.

They're hoping to make a hiring decision by Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Breaking Up: Hard to Do

I'm not telling my current employer about the job interview or even that I'm thinking of leaving town. I feel that's the best policy, in general. Suppose I end up not getting a job up yonder for a few months? And it drags on. And on... It wouldn't leave me in a particularly good position to negotiate whatever I might want to negotiate. When I tell them I'm leaving them for a better job. When they break down and cry and beg me to stay.

Unfortunately, I'm terrible at keeping secrets. It's possible I'll break down and tell somebody or let something slip at any moment. Stay tuned!

I've calmed down considerably tonight. I'm not exactly sure why. Could be the nice calming herbal tea, the foot rub, yoga class, or maybe I've just worn my brain out. It's exhausting, all the planning and worrying. Exhausting!

I feel I should be studying up on the particulars of this job but doing that makes me anxious. So either I'll suck it up and study, or wing it and hope for the best.

This is so exciting.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


It turns out the job up yonder wasn't filled -- they had another position and it was that one they were holding interviews for. I know this because they called me on Thursday to set up an interview. I'm flying up there Thursday for a Friday interview. I'm working at keeping my anxiety under control and not always succeeding. It's a big deal, especially since getting the job would mean a major move. Also, this job is definitely more career-path than my present job, which means I'd have to care about it a lot more. It will require a great deal more of me. Not just in terms of time and focus, but also commitment and energy. I don't have the same energy I did when I worked there in the last century. I was a lot younger then.

This weekend I need to shop for an interview suit. Last time I did that was... Let's see... 1995. What is it the young people are wearing to job interviews nowadays?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Or, Not

Driving home yesterday on one of our famous narrow, steep and winding streets, I pull over to let a car coming from the opposite direction through. As soon as I do so, guy behind me tries to pass me, thus blocking the other person entirely. A stand-off ensues. I look around to give the guy the stinkeye, he gives me the finger.

This, I will not miss.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Slow to Adapt

Now that we're seriously talking about leaving this place, I realize there are some things I never adjusted to. And now it looks like I might not, ever. Getting really good corn, canteloupe and strawberries in May, for example. A little bit wrong. Too early. But oh, so good. Maybe it's one thing I'll miss about this place. If we ever leave. Which, who knows, maybe we will. Or maybe we won't.