Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Impermanence Abounds

The evidence:
  1. My uncle (Mom's brother) died of pneumonia and its complications about a month ago.
  2. My best friend had a "possible heart attack" in December and now has suspicious things on her breast and in her armpit that required an MRI on Monday (results due today).
  3. Same friend's mother recently took a bad fall that caused head injuries. She's in a nursing home and no longer recognizes her kids. She can't get out of bed or feed herself without assistance any more. She's in her 80s.
  4. My mother-in-law (89) is up in Washington seeing a specialist for diabetes-related vein and foot problems that will likely result in amputation of her foot and possibly part of her leg.
  5. The guy who manages my building at work -- a sweet guy and good friend -- just went through some very invasive tests for possible prostate cancer. Results soon.
  6. My friend's 13 year-old cat was just diagnosed with kidney cancer and isn't expected to live more than a month.
  7. An online friend's dad died suddenly and unexpectedly. I'm not sure of his age, but my pal is only in her mid-30s.
  8. I just this morning found out that one of our nearest neighbors died of liver cancer in November. He was only 56.
  9. All the stuff involving jobs, bodies and cars we've been going through since August.
There's no escaping it: Nothing whatsoever is permanent. I accept that. The reminders really suck though.

Edited to add: And now Molly Ivins is dead. How I'll miss her amazing work and incredible humor. Like I said earlier today, the reminders suck.


Bomboniera said...

Good God damn, Amazon. You've had quite the month. Hang in there, sister.

frog said...

How is it that I talk with you EVERY WEEKDAY and only knew two of these things?

Gosling said...

Hm, frog. I don't know. And oh yeah, you told me one of them! Maybe I was sick of thinking of them all? Or I forgot? Or I would rather hear about other things...? Oh! I wanted to compel you to read the blog! That's it! :)