Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday Dinner Again

Yeah, yeah, I know. But we were supposed to have this dinner last night. Instead, we went to the movies and then had dinner at one of my favorite Chinese places. I had General Tso's (faux) Chicken. And veggie potstickers. So good.

Anyhow, I had these ingredients on hand and the bean sprouts weren't getting any younger, so I figured I'd just switch days. Big mistake. I made "Brooklyn Pad Thai" from the recipe of a friend's secret girlfriend. Very complicated and time-consuming for a weeknight dinner. Also? Too may pots and pans and dishes. Which makes The Dishmeister a teeny bit cranky. The meal was okay, not great. Too much vinegar and red pepper for my taste. Maybe in Brooklyn they make their Pad Thai differently? What do New Yorkers know from Thai food, anyway? It's probably not something I'll make again -- at least not without some tinkering.

Looks pretty though, doesn't it?

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